KBS passive fire protection

KBS is a product of the German chemical company BASF. The product for Passive Fire Protection is one of the three important processes in ensuring defence from fire. The product is used to contain fires, stop their spread and avert damage to cables and circuits.it is done by Cable coating which is a form of passive fire protection through which all electrical wires and plugs can be guarded. The facility within which this coating is applied is segregated through fire resistance rated floors and walls. Potential damage gets minimized to a great extent and in case a fire breaks out, you and your colleagues have enough time in hand to vacate the site.

Avoid Smoke Accumulation with Fire Protection

The Cable coated prevents flame spread and nullifies any chance of smoke accumulation. Industrial coating sold by fire coating company is an ablative fireproofing material made to protect bundles of electrical cables, approved categorically by fm. The flagship feature of this coating is its ability to delay short circuiting. It can be applied though various methods, including conventional ones, brushing and even spraying .

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Coating Ablation for Passive Fire Protection

The coating uses the process of ablation to do the job. The material is thick, ensuring it never disintegrates even in extreme temperatures. Its strong molecular composition ensures the object has the cover to even fight off an inferno. The resistance offered by the object through this coat toward fire swell is remarkable.

The coat starts ablating the moment it comes in contact with fire. Throughout this process, the coating consumes overwhelming energy whereas the cable remains cool. The gases coming out in the process push oxygen away defusing flammable gases and do their best to avoid a chain reaction. After all the organic compounds burn out, the residue left behind is a robust structure of coating still offering rigorous protection.

The cable coating done by Robertson coating is highly meritorious. It lasts a lifetime till the cables survive. The cables stay safe, seldom get de-rated. KBS cable coating done by our experienced technicians prevents flame propagation along vertical and horizontal cable ways. Protect your commercial and industrial buildings from the risk of fire outbreaks, just visit us.

KBS passive fire protection