Lead Paint Removal

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Lead paint remains a recurring issue in older properties and needs to be treated with respect when it comes to removing it. Great care should be taken to prevent ingestion of dust or fumes given off when removing the paint. If you are aware that your industrial building has been painted with lead paint, it is important for you to carry out a commercially certified test for the presence of lead. A number of testing methods are now available which can help commercial building owners determine if lead is present in their buildings. Off the shelf paint kits can be found to conduct this procedure however these may not be as accurate as commercial tests. It is only by getting a commercial test carried out that you will be able to get the certified results. If your building was initially painted with lead paint but a number of coats have since been applied with lead free paint, the chances of the paint being a threat is unlikely. If the current layer of paint seems to be chipping, do get lead removal conducted before any further work is carried out on additional coats of paint It is important that the removal is conducted carefully and by professionals.

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Certified Lead Paint Analysis and Management

Robertson Coatings are certified and approved within ISO and have developed a highly safe and thorough Lead Based Paint removal process. Our NACE 2 inspectors can evaluate the extent of the Lead Based paint and assist with an Environmental Management plan to safely remove and dispose of all contaminated coatings. We can then develop a paint specification to reapply for maximum protection of your asset, in full compliance with current Australian Standards. For your commercial and industrial building lead paint removal services, we offer you the best services.

Lead Paint Removal