Pipework Lagging & Insulation

Be it Hot & Cold Insulation, Cryogenic Insulation and Tanks & Vessels, we offer the best of services at Robertson coating. During the cold weather, water pipes are prone to freezing. This can be potentially very dangerous and also expensive to fix. It is best to take measures to prevent your pipes from icing up in the winter and make sure the lagging and insulation of your pipes are carried out by competent and certified technicians like we boast of here in Robertson Coatings. Make sure all water pipes, water tanks and cisterns are properly insulated with waterproof foam lagging. The thermal properties of the insulation will help to prevent water freezing in the pipe work.

Apart from that, as the world moves deeper into recession, people are looking for ways to make their several industries fit into its location to help them dispense their various duties so well with so affordable used implements and services. One of the major expenses of every firm is that of energy consumption. With all the appliances and gadgets made for industrial uses, a good deal of energy tends to be misused and wasted. One easy way to save energy without having to use all your income is by keeping water hot inside the pipes for longer durations in winter. Insulating water pipes is the easiest way to achieve this cut in energy.

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Pipework Lagging & Insulation from Robertson Coatings

At Robertson Coatings, we cater for our customers’ commercial and industrial needs just as much as we cater for ours. We provide the best Hot and Cold insulation, Cryogenic Insulation and Tanks & Vessels insulation services.

We specialise in areas of Hot & Cold Insulation, Cryogenic Insulation and Tanks & Vessels.
Pipework Lagging & Insulation